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Who we are

This website is operated by Bath Outlet, a trading style of Outlook Imports Limited, a company registered in England, United Kingdom.
We may be based in the UK, but we have a love for all things American, and that includes all the bathroom, wet-room and shower-room products having that definitively unique and desirable American feel, all showcased here in the  website.

What we do

We provide definitively American bathroom, wet-room and shower-room products that are rarely seen in the United Kingdom.  We cater for the discerning customer who wants that little extra luxury and unique American qualities to set their living space above the usual and predictably standard if not dull “British” appearance.  Heck, we even use American terminology such as “
faucet”  -  an item that most people in the U.K would normally refer to as a tap!

How we do it

We are a specialist import company with access to substantial stocks of U.S.-styled products for bathrooms, wet-rooms and shower-rooms.  We have everything in place to promptly supply these American products to U.K. customers.  We do not attempt to source replicas of U.S. products and list them at the  website  -  we simply import the genuine U.S-sourced products directly to the U.K. at the request of our U.K. customers.

Treat your home to the definitively desirable and subtly different American dream.